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energy efficient home

Pros and Cons of Your Energy-Efficient Home

New builds are becoming more popular due to their many qualities of energy-saving resources. A ‘new build’ is usually considered to be have been built within the past five years but has never been lived in. We comb through all […]

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Bungalow Extension

Design Ideas for Your Bungalow Extension

Some homeowners may think that their creative options are limited when it comes to bungalow extensions. However, we believe a bungalow extension is a great opportunity to add space that can come in a variety of different design options, no […]

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Builder Blackpool Based and Beyond

Building by the Sea

As a construction company based on the coast, we always have to consider the effects that our location can have on the projects we oversee. Building near the sea poses a number of environment-specific challenges, and it’s essential that we […]

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A picture of a bathroom soap dispenser

How a Bathroom Renovation Can Transform Your Home

When people think about ways to transform their home, mental images of significant home extensions are, probably, most often conjured. While home extensions are undoubtedly an excellent option for anyone looking to develop the property, a bathroom renovation is a […]

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A picture of a wine cellar, just one inventive way of extending your home

Inventive Ways of Extending Your Home

Are you thinking of extending your home, but aren’t sure where to begin? If you’re looking to expand a certain room or add a new part to your house, then consider some of the following, slightly more inventive, options. We’ve […]

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Brand new home being built by a Blackpool builder

What Makes a Quality Blackpool Builder?

Whether it is your first time working with a builder or you have previously had a bad experience with dodgy tradesmen, everyone deserves to find a builder who can produce outstanding results at competitive prices. Below, Keystone Construction Limited discusses […]

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A picture of design plans from an architect for a home extension

Do I Need an Architect for a Home Extension?

When it comes to investing in a home renovation project such as a home extension, many people will look at ways they can save money on their budget, which is completely understandable. It does, however, often provoke the question as […]

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A picture of a sink unit with large gold mirror in an en-suite, one of many great design ideas for a loft conversion

Design Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

A loft conversion provides the perfect opportunity to increase your living space without having to forfeit garden capacity, increasing the value of your property and saving you from having to relocate and pay expensive moving fees. There is, however, a […]

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A picture showing a home extension added on to a home in England

Why Building a Home Extension is Better Than Moving

Space, where does it go? We struggle to find it, keep it and make it. You buy a new build or move into your first home and everything seems great, you have all the space in the world. Several years […]

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A picture showing a stunning quality wine cellar in a Blackpool basement conversion

Six Exciting Ideas for Your Basement Conversion

There may come a time when you have outgrown your home but don’t have the garden capacity to build an extension or the financial capability to relocate to a bigger property. In times like these, instead of looking out or […]

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