A picture showing a home extension added on to a home in England

Why Building a Home Extension is Better Than Moving

Space, where does it go? We struggle to find it, keep it and make it. You buy a new build or move into your first home and everything seems great, you have all the space in the world. Several years down the line, maybe a new dog and a couple of kids later, you’ve filled the rooms with various new shelves and cupboards, and you’ve got storage boxes in every crevice available. Life seems more cluttered than ever.

Your first thought would be ‘we need a bigger house’. But house prices keep increasing, daily life is more expensive and it could take years until you find the perfect house again. The daunting task of packing up everything you own and moving it into a new place requires so much organisation and planning it hardly seems worth it.

Well, thankfully it’s not your only option. Building a home extension is the new moving house. Here’s why extending beats moving:


Building a home extension may seem expensive, but compare it to buying a whole new property and you’re actually saving yourself money. No fussing around with trying to get a new mortgage, plus no expensive removal companies. Invest in a reliable and cost-effective builder like the knowledgeable tradesmen here at Keystone Construction, and you’ll not only save yourself money but increase value to your current Blackpool property.

No Sacrifices

Moving house might mean leaving your dream home; moving out of Blackpool, a new layout, different architecture and annoying neighbours. It might mean no holidays for a few years, sending the kids to a new local school and being further from your family and friends. Well, none of those sacrifices need to be made with a home extension. Everything remains the same, except you have more space.

Finding a New House

Finding the house you live in now probably wasn’t easy, and finding another perfect house with enough space isn’t a quick job. As many weekends and evenings as possible will be spent trying to fit in houses viewings. The housing market is completely unpredictable and your offers may not be accepted. Save yourself the time!

Your Home Extension, Your Choice

Whether you extend your kitchen, living room or even convert your basement or loft, it’s all your choice. Decorate it how you want, keep it in line with the same style your home already has or completely redesign it. You have complete control over how your new space looks.

If you’re looking for a local builder in Blackpool to deliver and construct a high-quality home extension, then contact Keystone Construction on 01253 508781 and speak to one of our qualified builders for a quote. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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