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Pros and Cons of Your Energy-Efficient Home

New builds are becoming more popular due to their many qualities of energy-saving resources. A ‘new build’ is usually considered to be have been built within the past five years but has never been lived in. We comb through all the reasons why you should strive towards a new build, and also the cons that inevitably come with buying a new build, energy-efficient home.

Energy Efficient Home Pro’s


New builds tend to be more affordable than older built houses, requiring only a 5% deposit to be put down, meaning you are more likely to afford to buy a bigger home for less money. Buying a new-build home tends to be a more popular option, especially for first-time buyers that can be helped by the government with the ‘help to buy scheme.’


An important factor of why new-builds are a great option is their energy-efficient qualities. New builds are incorporated with energy-saving modern building methods, you will more than often find that new-builds are equipped with insulation and energy-saving features in mind. Meaning overall energy bills will be lower and your energy-efficient home will be more environmentally friendly.


The most prominent advantage of a new-build, energy-efficient home is the money-saving element it holds. Once you have changed your energy consumption and practices, you will see how easy it is to save and cut back by each month. Alongside being more affordable, this will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Home Cons

Although there are plenty of advantages of buying an energy-efficient home, they also come with their disadvantages. When purchasing eco-friendly properties, you may find hidden costs with the products that it comes with. However, this will save you money in the long-run.

Large Lifestyle Change

If you are not used to living in a new build, energy-efficient home, becoming used to the lifestyle change can take time. With the new energy-efficient appliances, there is more equipment to get used to, that you may never have been familiar with before.


Some new builds have been built so that it’s leasehold only- meaning you will never fully own the land on the property, and you must pay rising ground-rent to the free-holder.

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