A picture of a wine cellar, just one inventive way of extending your home

Inventive Ways of Extending Your Home

Are you thinking of extending your home, but aren’t sure where to begin? If you’re looking to expand a certain room or add a new part to your house, then consider some of the following, slightly more inventive, options. We’ve tried to steer clear of indoor swimming pools and the like, as we’re well aware that money rarely allows for such luxuries!

Adding A Room Above The Garage

Adding a completely new room to your house instantly provides you with a lot more space and, if done well, can add balance to a property lacking something. Extending your home above your garage not only gives you more space, but it can add a sense of uniformity and togetherness to your property. A garage on its own can stick out a little from the rest of your home, and adding a room on top of it can even things out very effectively. Provided the ceiling and roof of your garage are properly secured and reinforced before any work is completed, an extension above the garage is a superb option.

Adding A Cellar

When extending your home, try to think beyond what’s next to or already a part it. If you don’t already have one, though, a cellar or basement can make a great addition to your home. Cellars can be used in a variety of different, inventive ways, as we discussed in one of our previous blog posts. They also open up a significant amount of space underneath your house. Although it wouldn’t be as simple a job as adding a room to the side of your home, you will continue to reap the rewards of a cellar from the moment it is added. Not only can they be used for a wide range of exciting purposes, but they also add value to a house: an important factor to consider when extending.

Adding A Drawing Room

Rather than simply adding another bedroom to your home, why not add a new downstairs room? Drawing rooms can be used for any number of functions, from providing a quiet place to read to a children’s designated playroom. Their versatility is one of their great advantages; they can be used for as many different purposes as is necessary. One of the most frequently used functions of a drawing room is using it as somewhere to entertain guests. The truth is, though, that it’s another room in your house: use it for whatever you want! The best thing about extending your home is that everything you add to it is yours, to be used by you in whatever way you choose.

Adding An Orangery

Not convinced about conservatories? Consider adding an orangery to your property. Orangeries blend into your home seamlessly and are accompanied by the benefits of a conservatory as well. Orangeries can serve a number of different purposes, and what you use yours for is entirely up to you!

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