A picture of design plans from an architect for a home extension

Do I Need an Architect for a Home Extension?

When it comes to investing in a home renovation project such as a home extension, many people will look at ways they can save money on their budget, which is completely understandable. It does, however, often provoke the question as to whether there is any real need to bring in an architect for a home extension; although it isn’t a legal requirement, the knowledge, skills and experience that an architect can provide are invaluable, especially if you truly want to get the best out of your extension. Today, Keystone Construction Ltd takes a look at why it’s a great idea to employ the talents of an architect for your home improvement venture:

Bespoke Design

Perhaps one of the main reasons to bring on an architect for a home extension is to benefit from a bespoke design that unites your ideas and inspirations with an in-depth, technical plan from a professional of the trade. An architect will use precise measurements of your property to produce an accurate plan of the space, along with several different designs from which to choose. Having a strong relationship with your architect is key as this will give you the freedom to discuss each design in detail, refining them until the ultimate version is achieved.

Wider Perspective

Another reason to consult an architect for a home extension is to make the most of professional experience and knowledge on the intricacies of extending your home. An architect is purposely trained to assess a space from both a creative and technical perspective, encompassing aspects such as the ergonomics, aesthetics, and feasibility of a design to ensure that all elements are covered and work together in harmony. It is easy to overlook the smaller and seemingly insignificant details when bypassing the use of an architect and attempting to create a design yourself, but doing so could have significant ramifications on the final outcome of the project.

Planning Permission

If you are a novice when it comes to planning permission – as are most people – then it can become overwhelming trying to research and then execute all of the necessary steps to achieve permission to build your new home extension. A tricky area to navigate, sometimes it’s better to utilise the expertise of an architect to deal with the planning permission and legislation on your behalf. An architect will submit an application with the final home extension plans for approval and then, if successful, draw up and submit plans for Building Control approval.


Managing construction work on your home is a full-time job in itself, demanding a huge amount of time that many people to which many people simply cannot commit. Using an architect for a home extension, however, gives you the peace of mind that someone is there to ensure everyone on the project is following building regulations, adhering to health and safety regulations, and ensure that quality and progress is maintained. An architect can manage the whole renovation or just the developmental stages, source reliable contractors, and generally keep things organised.


If you seeking an architect for a home extension, look no further than Keystone Construction Ltd. Our exceptional services encompass everything you would need for a home extension project, from the architectural and planning stages right on through to the structural and construction phases. To find out more information and to speak to our friendly and professional team, call us now on 01253 508781 or complete our online contact form.

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